WIS - Woodworking technology

WIS is a German-based consultancy providing engineering solutions and full support to the wood processing industry.  

With hands on global experience in production technology, the WIS services supplied range from:

  • industrial product design support
  • selection of the most suitable processing technologies
  • implementation and start up
  • strategic partner search


WIS - World exclusive Waste to Panel solution

WIS holds an internationally registered Patent for the process of manufacturing a Medium Density Performance board catering for the Furniture and Construction Industry with technical characteristics certified by ihd – Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden, Germany. 

This patent represents a unique processing method that allows to convert wood based waste into useful woodpanels. This innovative solution has been developed in partnership with Italian Technicians that accumulate over 100 years of work experience and are every day hands on working in one of the most advanced panel processing lines of Italy. With the daily exposure to latest processing technologies, materials & consumables we are all involved in searching for innovative ways to bring our Industry forward. 

Being very much active in developing countries, besides the highly developed German, Italian and Spanish market we are confronted with the necessity to balance Investments between high-tech capital intensive solutions and automatic to traditional alternatives. This sensitivity allows us to introduce a unique understanding of the markets in our customer relationship approach. 




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